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The Art of Dialogue

Das erste internationale Training für rund 25 TeilnehmerInnen aus ganz Europa fand im Frühjahr 2017 statt.


The aim of the training is to support participants in getting a better understanding and useful analytical tools to analyse their local, regional and especially also national realities when it comes to youth participation.

We want to empower them to find good strategies and goals to use levers to bring youth participation one step forward. We want to do so with methods and attitudes that have proven very successful in Austria over the last two years, namely Art of Hosting, multi stakeholder approach, The Way of Council and Theory U.

We want to contribute to a culture of participation that brings joy.

Intensivtraining 1.-3. Juni 2016

Mit rund 20 Teilnehmenden fand Anfang Juni das SD-Intensivtraining in Salzburg statt, wo JugendarbeiterInnen Methoden und Haltungen für gelingende Beteiligungsprozesse erprobten.

Follow-up zum Dialogtraining 15. April 2016

1) Formular Lokale Dialoge in der Alltagsarbeit

2) Dialog auf Abruf anfordern

3) Eure Projekte

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